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Choose With Confidence

Veteran Blinds & Shutters only works with the best manufacturers in the industry. Every shutter we install is designed for long-term performance, elegance, and value. You are investing in a long-lasting, robust product that is a trouble-free, “no headache” ownership experience.

We stand behind every shutter we sell, knowing ultimate care and craftsmanship goes into every aspect of measuring, manufacturing, and installation. This is why Veteran Blinds & Shutters are your local interior shutter experts!

Shutter Design Options

When you want to bring your imagination to light, our shutters are flexible to suit your unique tastes and design requirements. With a variety of materials, colors, sizes and styles to choose from, we can ensure there is a perfect shutter for your home.

Panel Configurations

1. Louver Sizes

Larger louvers create panels with fewer obstructions and wider views. Sizes available are: 4.5″ – 3.5″ – 3″ – 2.5″





2. Panel Layout

Panel layout mostly depends on the overall width of your windows. Fewer and wider panels achieve a more contemporary look with an open and clean view, especially when paired with a larger louver and invisible tilt. Single panels are available up to 36 inches wide.

For smaller rooms where space is at a premium, narrower panels are more functional and give the room a more traditional look.

Single Panel

Double Panel

Multiple Panels

3. Tilt Control

Besides louver sizes and the style of the frame, tilt control is one of the most important options when choosing the perfect shutter for your room. Standard tilt and divider rails offer a traditional look while the sleek appearance of the invisible tilt provides a more modern and clean look. Our invisible tilt mechanism is completely internal to the shutter panel, making it virtually maintenance-free and easier to clean.

Standard Tilt

Divider Rail

Invisible Tilt