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From exotic fabrics to award-winning lift systems to the latest in motorization, the craftsmanship, technology, and array of options in shades are exceptional.    

Our shades are made to last and can be customized to fit any space or style. You won’t find another company that offers such high-quality products at such affordable prices! When you choose us as your supplier, you get more than just a product; you get an experience.

Shades to Meet Any Design or Decor

Roller Shades

Capture the spirit of modern living and celebrate a vast world of color, textures, and styles.

Our roller shades can be fully lowered for privacy or raised until the shade is tucked neatly behind a decorative valance to maximize your view.

Roller shade fabrics are available in sheer, light filtering, and room darkening.

Roman Shades

Capture the spirit of exceptionally tailored draperies more conveniently — and with a sleeker profile. Roman Shades deliver modern elegance with exclusive child and pet-safe lifting technology.

Handcrafted from the finest fabrics, previously available only through custom draperies – from muted grays, pastels, and earth tones; the luminousness of luxury silk; to the latest in heritage-inspired embroidery and weaves. Our gallery of fabrics will not only elevate your style but also improve the comfort of your home.


Soft like drapery and delicately architectural, SmartDrape’s undulating sheer and fabric vane construction is specially made to bring you style, versatility, and seamless indoor-outdoor living, with the added ability to travel through the shade without opening or closing.

The unique individual vane construction lets you experience one of its two different built-in opacities. Setting your shades to “open”, you’ll be able to view the sheer side which comes in a variety of patterns, such as circles and teardrops, while granting you a clearer view of the outside and better illumination. Rotate your shades to “closed” and you’ll activate the light filtering or room darkening capabilities, while still having the option to walk through the vanes as needed.

Banded Shades

Banded shades, also known as dual shades or zebra shades, are a type of window covering that offers a unique combination of privacy and light control. They consist of two layers of alternating horizontal fabric bands, one sheer and one opaque, which can be adjusted to create a variety of different lighting and privacy levels.

When the bands are aligned, the shades provide a full view of the outside while still allowing natural light to enter the room. When the bands are offset, they provide privacy and filtered light. Banded shades can be operated manually or with a motorized system for added convenience.


PerfectSheer™’s soft interplay of light, colors, and shadows elevates decor and everyday privacy control to a new level of elegance and softness.  Only PerfectSheer™ combines a banded, layered shade with a sheer fabric vane shade for a sleek and modern effect.

PerfectSheerTM makes it easy to match the fabric opacity that suits your needs. Fabric layers allow you to easily adjust the amount of light entering your room, ensure optimal privacy, and help guard against damaging UV rays. Choose from room darkening or light filtering. The room darkening opacity is sleek and elegant, and creates an immediate calming effect. Light filtering allows more light to come through while ensuring privacy when the shade is closed.

Exterior Shades

Exterior Roller Shades are ideal for any space with high sun exposure. Lower your energy costs even more by reducing heat gain outside your home and protect your expensive interior décor investments from fading because of harmful UV rays.